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Posted: May 6, 2020

We understand this is a stressful time and we want to assure you that EA aim to assist you the best we can.
As information changes rapidly it can be a confusing time for parents and we want to ensure that parents who cannot access information readily or who may find it difficult to support their children’s education at home during this time are supported as fully as possible

The following information is aimed at supporting parents during this phase of remote
learning. 

Are there parents who may have a lower levels of literacy and may need extra support at this time to support their child’s education whilst at home? If so, consider ways in which these parents could support their children’s learning through different mediums.
The Education Authority’s Literacy Service provides support for pupils, schools and parents in the area of specific learning difficulties in literacy (SpLDs)/dyslexia is available to help

Are there parents who have children with special educational needs?
These parents will already be aware of the capability of their children but please be mindful they may come to you for extra support or to clarify issues. DE also have a resource available that you may find helpful

EA SEN teams can also be contacted for support

Are there parents at your school for which English is not their first language?
You may need support via translation/ interpreting service. This can be done by contacting the Intercultural EA Education Service
Resources are also available in different languages

The Intercultural Education Service can also help with resources and queries around traveller education, new comers and vulnerable person’s relocation scheme.

Newly translated home learning guidance notes from ETI and Autism NI can also be found in the Intercultural library within Equella: C2K/My School/Equella/Staff Library/Intercultural

Education resources in 11 languages can be found at

C2K continues to provide dedicated support for IM learners, including the Irish Language Newsdesk, Seomra Nuachta, which is available to all teachers and pupils. The IM Newsdesk feature is being further developed in response to the need for additional home learning support in Irish.

We are aware that not all parents will be able to afford apps that cost money or may not have access to tablet or device for their children. In this instance you may need to provide physical resources instead.
If using the Seesaw app, or logging in through C2K, the instructions on how to use this may need to be interpreted into different language or or (sign language) for deaf parents or just explained in a simple form for some parents. (Other languages)

Are there any parents who are deaf or hard of hearing?
Please be mindful these parents may not be able to understand the packs you have sent home as sign language is their first language not English, these parents may need extra support in how to use the resources sent home. EA have highlighted some of the most frequently asked questions for parents and these can be accessed on the EA website with sign language and transcript available on issues such as home schooling, free school meals and examinations. (BSL/ISL)
Parents who are deaf may be unable to help primary school children with phonics, please be mindful of this, if it is possible these could be done via a computer (if the children have access to one). Again the parents may need an interpreter to discuss

Action Deaf Youth (NI) are sharing resources for deaf children registered to their service.
The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf are sharing information from members about resources that are available.
There is information and resources available for parents. onn the EA Sensory Service web page –