Sustrans Home Activity Week 8&9

Posted: June 3, 2020

Richard, our Schools Officer in the South West, who has put together a brilliant little video of some fun Cycle Skills games that kids can try at home in their yard, driveway, local park, etc. Usually at this time of year, you might be delivering Cycle Skills sessions in school for pupils to help improve their competence and confidence on the bike – this is a good alternative, and something they can have fun with at home. Click on the link below explaining the games. The video link is here here:

Cycle Skills

Secondly, I’ve included Dave (South East officer) and his Scavenger Hunt – a simple, outdoors activity to keep kids occupied for a while! He invites them to complete a short story as well, so hopefully it’s a useful activity for you. Click on the link below for the Scavenger Hunt list. The video is here here:

Scavenger Hunt