Year 1 and 2 Drop Off

Posted: November 20, 2020

This morning we had a serious incident where a child almost got knocked down by a car at the Yr1/2 drop off point in the Sacred Heart carpark. Due to this, there will be changes in arrangements in this carpark from Mon 23rd Nov.
* There will be a ‘NO CAR’ pedestrian zone at the entrance gate (except for staff cars).
* This area will be cordoned off and parent/guardian vehicles are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from entering this area.
* Parents are free to park in another part of the carpark and walk their child to this safe zone.
* There will be a school patrol man on duty during drop off times.
* We remind parents there is a ONE WAY system in operation from the Parochial House driveway, through the carpark out onto Castle Street. No cars can enter the carpark via the Castle Street entrance.
NB: From Mon 23rd Nov, Yr2 children will be collected from the front main entrance of the junior site. Parents are reminded to collect their child promptly at 2.30pm.

Many thanks.